Güner speaks out about Kolarov

Updated: June 30, 2016

The new head of Beşiktaş transfer committee Umut Güner told the media that Aleksandar Kolarov from Manchester City is on the transfer list. He also mentioned that the transfer will be a hard task to complete.

The newbie told the media that they are not in a hurry concerning the transfers. About the Serbian left-back, Güner had the following to say: “Kolarov is a player on our list. His transfer isn’t that easy though. We are trying every possible way to transfer him. If it happens, it will be a loan. The most important thing is his club’s decision.”

He also mentioned the fans telling them that they should not worry.

“We are not in a hurry with the new transfers. We at least have a month for completing them. The places that need improvements, will be improved. Nobody should be worried.”

Source: Htspor


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