Orman speaks out about the club’s current situation

Updated: July 2, 2016

Beşiktaş chairman Fikret Orman has made some important statements the club’s current situation. 

Fikret Orman’s statements:

“We have a bright future.”

“There is nothing to worry about the club’s current situation. We started from the very bottom. During those hard times, we played before empty seats. We played lots of away games, including our own home games. We have a bright future now. For the past 3 years we have built up the football team. Everything is done step by step.”

“We were keen on bringing Gökhan in”

“Gökhan is a very important player for the Turkish National Team and we like him. I mentioned earlier that I would like to see him in a Beşiktaş shirt. Beşiktaş is not a club where money-lovers go to. We got our own principles and stance. Players want to play for us, eventhough they can earn much more elsewhere. We were keen on bringing Gökhan in. We are happy. Gökhan is now a member of our big family. Things done until this day are not to be done in the future. The players we choose to be part of our family are golden people. From now on, whoever wants to get involved in a polemic with Gökhan, will face us. Gökhan didn’t become a Black Eagle because he was Fenerbahçe’s captain. He became a Black Eagle, because he is a good player. Umut Güner and Emre Kocadag were very important to complete this transfer. I would like to thank them as well.”

“We want Gomez to stay”

“We will soon start our negotiations for Gomez. We want Gomez to stay. However, we are looking for alternatives as well. What will happen for Beşiktaş if Gomez gets injured tomorrow night? Gomez extended this transfer period himself and now he is facing the consequences of it.”

“Günay wanted to be first goalie elsewhere”

“We love Günay. However, he wanted to be first goalie elsewhere, instead of being the third choice at Beşiktaş. This is how football works. I wish him the best at his new club.”

“I run all the transfers”

“Erdal Torunogullari was busy with foreign affairs earlier as well. He will do that again. Eventually, I run all the transfers at Beşiktaş. Right now, everyone moves forward on my watch. Umut Güner did some good business. He will have a positive effect for the football branch. However, I can appoint anyone to any task, if they fit better. I am the one to decide. People try to build things made out of fairytales. Football is teamwork. Erdal Torunogullari was never appointed to run the transfers. He always was responsible for the foreign affairs, which he now is again. Umut Güner is appointed to run the transfers right now.”

“We approached everything step by step, and became champions”

“We are leaving for camp on the 20th of July and our first game is on the 13th of August. Transfers can be done until September. We got two big months ahead of us. Serdar is gone, Gökhan came in. Players will be brought in when players leave. However, we will always move forward with our principles and budget in mind. Last season, we approached everything step by step, and became champions. The same goes for this new season.”

“We didn’t buy Gökhan to sell him”

“I don’t want Gökhan Töre to leave. We didn’t buy Gökhan to sell him. We will only consider serious offers. Those offers will be accepted if those offers are good enough in our eyes. Atiba and Oguzhan both have running contracts at us. When we want them to stay, they can not leave. Our players are respectable players who suit the club very well. Beşiktaş is a peaceful place, nobody will ever get disturbed.”

“Ricardo is a good guy”

“It is a good thing that Quaresma is performing well at the Euros. Ricardo is a good guy. I love him too. I hope he has a bright future ahead of him. Let him come back to us without injuries, we got lots of business to do with him in the Champions League.”

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