Sosa crisis at the club

Updated: July 4, 2016

Whilst trying to get the best players possible to compete in the CL next season, there are also players who are willing the club this summer.

One of the key players and fan favourite Atiba Hutchinson recently told the club that he would like to play for West Ham United and that the BPL is his dream league. After this bad news for the club, Sosa has now made a statement saying that he wants to leave.

“I want to end my career here.”

After having a great season, making a lot of assists and scoring goals, the Argentinian playmaker has now told the board he wants to leave the club.

Calling Fikret Orman and Nur Çebi, he has told them: “Estudiantes is willing to transfer me. They are willing to pay 4 million euros. I want to go back to my country as well. Help me please. I have had great days at this club. I loved the club, but I want to end my career here.” After this conversation, Orman has told Nur Çebi to talk with Jose Sosa and change his mind.

His worth is considered 6 million euros

It is known that Ahmet Nur Çebi has decided to go to Argentina to talk with Sosa, after he has made it clear that he doesn’t want to go back to Istanbul.

Çebi is expected to go to Argentina today to talk with Sosa. If Sosa doesn’t take a step back and is still willing to leave the club, Çebi will start negotiations with Estudiantes. However, the asking price for the playmaker is 6 million euros.

Güneş wanted him to stay

The same crisis took place last season as well. The Argentinian had a conversation with the Estudiantes chairman and he wanted to leave the club as well back then. However, he stayed at the club because Güneş wanted him to stay.

Source: Htspor

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