Discussions about agents at the club

Updated: July 4, 2016

After appointing the new functions of the board members, there has been some discussions within the club. 

After putting in some good work the last two seasons, the downgrade from Erdal Torunogullari to being only the director of foreign affairs has brought up some discussions. Especially since the new head of transfers is a very young board member named Umut Güner. The main point of the discussion is; the club wants to involve agents more in the transfers of player, hence why Erdal has been put aside from the transfers. Torunogullari has said that he will make a statement regarding this after the eid.

However, it is the truth that no change will be made in the functions of the board members, eventhough there are still discussions. Torunogullari will either resign from his function as a board member, or he will continue his job in a passive manner.

After Kavalci and Vardar, it is now Torunogullari’s turn

The most interesting thing about the football directory is, that board members stay passive in silence and quite disappointed after putting in their work. It has been seen before that Ahmet Kavalci and Mete Vardar have been disappointed by their appointments, so they stayed passive and didn’t attend board meetings.

After making radical changes every year in the club’s policy, Orman only made one change this year. However, this change got much more attention than all the changes he has made over the years. The upcoming days will tell us whether Erdal Torunogullari will continue or not.

Source: DHA

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