Torunogullari makes a statement about the latest discussions

Updated: July 10, 2016

Erdal Torunogullari has made a statement about the latest discussions involving him and his new function in the board. 

Erdal Torunogullari’s statement

“Dear Beşiktas Family,

Because of my daughter’s graduation and the eid, I have been out of the country for the past 10 days. During this period, lots of things have been written about me, and about me quitting my job. I am making this statement to end the news in the media about me, whilst I was away and to prevent more negativity about the club’s name and its people.

First of all, I want to make this specific thing clear; until this day, I have never asked the chairman to put me in a special position in the board, or even to put me in the board. I have always seen such a manner as a smudge on my Beşiktaş attitude, and as a disrespect to this club. The only thing I ever ask Fikret Orman, is a function in which I can work directly with him for the club’s sake. The new board’s differentiation of functions and the way its formed is all down to the chairman’s way of thinking. I would like to thank him for involving me in his project.

Another thing I want to make clear, are the impudent statements of Ahmet Bulut against me in a television programme. The club and our chairman will most definitely make a statement about this concern.

Concerning this person, there is a lot to explain. One of those things is ‘why Gomez has not signed for us yet? ‘. However, I will continue my attitude regarding these manners. I will not argue with an agent whilst being a board member. This will do no good for the club.

As a person whose always thinking for the club’s favours, and as a person who has no other thing in mind than working for this beautiful club, I will always talk with the chairman before considering extreme things like quitting.

I would advice the media and our great family to not think things true, which do not originate from me.

With kind regards,

Erdal Torunogullari.

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