Striking statements by Fikret Orman

Updated: July 14, 2016

Beşiktaş chairman Fikret Orman has held a press conference and made some remarkable statements.

“We won’t transfer players to be able to brag about them.”

“The fans are in a hurry concerning transfers. We got a plan. Moreover, we are working in correspondence with our budget. Last year, everyone said ‘Fenerbahçe got him, Galatasaray got him, we got no one’, we have seen how that worked our for them. Serdar’s contract expired. We wish him the best of luck for the future. He was a great sportsman, however we got Gökhan in his place. We need a centre-back, on which we are working on. Last window, we got Boyko. Now we got ourselves a good 3rd keeper. I could have done these transfers much faster. But who is going to pay all these extra expenses? Fans are texting me and saying: ‘Let’s get him!’. Everyone got an idea, but they have no plan. We need to be realistic. All problems are not solved by finishing our stadium. The upcoming season is very important for us, because our debts need to lower. We have got an agreement with the UEFA. We are always keeping that agreement in mind. We will make our transfers according to our plan. We won’t transfer players to be able to brag about them.”

“I will make them pay for it.”

“I hate it when people play with my mind. Everything has its way of doing things. I remember everything during my time here as a chairman. Few years back, the footballers were complaining everyday about unpaid salaries. Are these contracts made for the player’s side only? Why did we pay 8.5 million euros to Ferrari? Why is there no Beşiktaş side in these contracts, where we can benefit from. Did we get Sosa from Miami? Where did we get him from? Were there no fights in Ukraine? He came from a hot-spot to Istanbul. What day did we get him? The very last day. Why did the player wait so long to leave? Were there no other offers? No. If we didn’t buy José that day in Ukraine, he would have still played there. A 4-year deal has been made with the footballer. How did we do that? By agreeing with each other. Is the player paid to the fullest? Yes. Now he is saying: ‘There is much terrorism in Turkey.’ Nobody can use Beşiktaş and my country for his own good. Don’t try to fool us. During the France-Germany game in Paris, there was a terror attack next to the stadium. Did all the PSG players decide to leave their club? No. These are impossible things. There are contracts. This world has seen the 9/11 attacks. Did the sportsmen living in New York try to leave the city? No. There has been a war in Ukraine and a team like Shakthar Donetsk has had a bomb in his stadium. They have been playing outside their homes for over 3 years now. Is there a situation like this in Istanbul? In Brussels, an airport was bombed. Have you heard anything about sportsmen wanting to leave? It’s a disgrace. Our families live in this country as well. Sosa’s words are not worth believing in. We will work according to his contract. They are saying that the player wants to leave to Milan. A player with a contract can’t talk with other clubs unless we allow them to. The player goes to Milan to have transfer talks without our permission. Everyone gets paid at this club. We respect the players’ contracts, so should they. Can these things happen at clubs like Bayern and Barcelona? No. Not at us either. This has got nothing to do with money. I will make them pay for it.”

“We got no intention to sell Atiba or Sosa.”

“Atiba has got a contract too. He is training. Moreover, he got one year left in his contract. We got no intention of selling him. Also, we got no intention to sell Sosa either. I will talk to Atiba. Maybe we can extend his contract.

“It’s Ismail’s own choice.”

“Serdar Kurtulus left, and we wish him the best in his career. Ismail left too, and I wish the best for him either. His contract ran our, and he made his choice. There is nothing more to say. These are things happening in football. I am sad in some ways. However, these things got nothing to do with football, but are personal.

“There are no problems with Fiorentina.”

“There are no problems with Fiorentina. We are a respectable club. Moreover, we have good relations with the Italian side. We wanted to play a friendly with them, but the dates did not match each other. If you look closely, you will see that our relations with other clubs are good.

“I never held talks with Serdar Aziz.”

“I never held talks with Serdar Aziz. I have only spoken with the Bursaspor chairman. This is Beşiktaş. This place should be respected.”

“We have reached limits with waiting for Gomez.”

“Mario has got one more year in his contract at Fiorentina. He wants to come to Istanbul. Moreover, we want him too. We have reached limits with waiting for Gomez. His transfer need to be finished soon, positively or negatively. The most important striker of the country is our player. We have plans for some players. We got Gomez in these plans too. However, no one is more important than the club.”

About Kolarov…

“Kolarov is a player, who is mentioned a lot in the media. He is a player with a contract. There is no such thing as an almost finished transfer. There is no deadline either. We are currently negotiationg with left-backs. Kolarov could be one player we are interested in. However, there are a lot more players. We will look at the possibilities. Our fans are given much hope by the media. But they should be realistic and patient.”

“Arsenal is not keen on selling Ospina.”

“Ospina is a player with a contract. His club is not willing to sell him, and what will be the budget when they sell him to us? We are always thinking two steps further. This is our job. The world isn’t like the old footballing world. If you find money on the street now, you can’t use it for transfers. We can only transfer players with our incomes. A lot of teams in Europe have had punishments. We are building up our own strategies and we will continue to do that.”

“Boyko is working very hard.”

“Boyko came to the club in the winter. He is now working very hard. He will probably get that number 1 spot. His career says enough. He has played in a Europa League final. So people should not discuss the things that he has achieved. Beşiktaş is willing to make use of his qualities and will do that.”

About Pektemek’s future

“Pektemek is a good person and a good sportsman. He didn’t get much playing time last season. It is now too early to talk about players’ roles in the next season’s squad. If he has no place there, he may leave. However, I have not spoken with the player yet.”

“I have written Torunogullari on the list.”

“When Beşiktaş is on its good way, they are doing everything they can to let us down. Sometimes I use fixed expressions to respond to these remarks. I make the board list at this club. I wrote Torunogullari into that list. Why would I add a board member to the list, whom I am unsatisfied about. Erdal is a man I have worked with for a long time and I love him. He is taking care of the foreign affairs. Not only is he working on the transfers at the club, but also on other affairs. I am the center of making these transfers, and other members of this board help me. Every member got its department, but we work as one organism. Erdal is doing what he is doing for the past years now. Talks on television shows are no things I should respond to. Beşiktaş got no relations with agents. Beşiktaş uses agents to realize stuff. Ahmet Bulut is a man who has helped us a lot with quite a few transfers. However his help is business only. We will work with him as long as he is useful for the club.”

“Gomez needs to decide.”

“Mario Gomez needs to decide. Before Gomez left us, his manager demanded something from us. He wanted to make a contract where they had he option to abrogate the contract. We refused. These are no things suiting us.”

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