Super Mario’s new team is becoming clear

Updated: July 21, 2016

After becoming the old Mario Gomez at Beşiktaş, the German striker has announced yesterday that he is leaving the club. Following this, an interesting rumour rose from the Spanish media.

El Mundo Deportivo has reported that Atletico Madrid is keen on signing Mario Gomez. Mant agents and clubs are offering their strikers to the Spanish side, and now Fiorentina is added to that list. Atletico is interested in the German striker.

Fiorentina wants to swap players

On the other side, Fiorentina is interested in Atletico forward Borja Baston. They are planning on swapping both players. The advantages for them will be; they will get rid of a very costly player and they will add a talented player to their side.

It is known that Atletico is keen on signing a forward. Interesting things are about to happen, since Atletico seems interested in Gomez.

Source: Milliyet

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