Beşiktaş fans campaigning for Mario Gómez return

Updated: July 25, 2016

Earlier last week Mario Gómez issued a statement that shocked many Beşiktaş fans as he cited the recent political turmoil in Turkey as his main reason not to return to the Black Eagles this summer.

However Beşiktaş fans are unwilling to accept the departure of possibly the best striker in the club’s history and have started actively campaigning on social media for their hero to reconsider his decision.

Mario Gómez got married over the past week and his wife supposedly played a big role in his decision not to return to Turkey as the couple fear what the future may bring in Turkey after the failed military coup attempt last weekend.

Beşiktaş president Fikret Orman today gave the fans a sparkle of hope though as he said in a media interview, “We respect Mario’s decision but with recent incidents in Germany, perhaps he might reconsider his decision and come back to play his football here with us. He’s obviously a player we love. You never know, maybe he’ll come back now”.

It seems like a long shot and the chance of Gómez coming back on his decision is probably close to none-existant but there are rumblings that that the club have launched an attempt to convince him (and mainly his wife) to return to Turkey.

Perhaps it would have been better for Orman to not give the fans hope for something which is unlikely to happen, but he may also be hoping that the fans will persist in their social media campaigning, which could perhaps have an impact on Mario Gómez and his wife.


Take part in the social media campaign by using the hasthag #ComeBackMarioGomez

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