Mario Gómez candidate for FC Barcelona

Updated: July 28, 2016

After a very succesful season Mario Gómez has decided to leave Beşiktaş because of the political situation in Turkey. With his return to Fiorentina surely being a short one, the question remains where the German striker will move next. It is being reported that he is now enjoying interest from no one else than FC Barcelona.

According to Sport, a newspaper that is very close to Barcelona, Gómez is on a long list with 35 other candidates to fill in the reserve striker role in the Spanish team. Another familiar name on the list is that of Fenerbahçe’s Robin van Persie.

The newspaper listed the qualities of each player. They had this to say about Gómez: “He is a classic number 9. If plan A does not work out, Gómez can be of value as plan B with his experience. However, his wish to receive playing time and the presence of Messi, Suarez and Neymar might make this a failure.”

Yusuf Paklaci

Editor at Beşiktaş International
Living in the province of Utrecht, The Netherlands, where I was born and raised. Student Fiscal Economics at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. Have been a Beşiktaş fan for many years. Editor at Beşiktaş International since 2015.
Yusuf Paklaci