Tolgay Arslan speaks to BJK TV

Updated: July 31, 2016

Tolgay Arslan sat down and spoke to BJK TV at the Austria Camp. Here’s what the 25 year old midfielder had to say,

“I feel very well right now. I came to Beşiktaş with a similar injury as my recent one. These types of injuries makes you stronger mentally. I’m looking forward now. I recovered well from my injury.”

“I’ve been playing up until this point and have always been fighting for my spot. Hopefully I’m going to continue fighting this year. That’s why I show my ambition and talent on the field every day.”

“There’s an unbelievable atmosphere at Vodafone Arena. We’re going to play our first match with Alanyaspor. Hopefully the stadium will be full again and our fans will support us. Our fans are unbelievable. Let’s win and celebrate together.”

“I’m good mentally and I’m a passionate player. I’m not afraid of the ball or duels. Hopefully I’ll recover from my injury in 2-3 weeks and take off the cast.”

“I get along with everybody in the team. I especially get along very well with Kerim. I talked with him a lot when I got injured.”

“Quaresma is an unbelievable person. We get along well and joke around. He has a very good heart. He always tries to help out. Not only football, you can talk to him if you have another problem. He always has a smile on his face. He hits the cabinet in the morning practices, screams and wakes everybody up. The team loves him a lot.”

“I watched Euro 2016 with excitement. I felt like I played and lifted the trophy. That’s how I felt when I saw Ricardo. Hopefully we’ll experience more championships together as a team.”

“When I was little my biggest dream was to play in the Champions League. Hopefully that dream will come true this year. Hopefully I’ll lift a lot of championship trophies in Turkey. I’ll show my kids my trophies 10 years later.”

“I’m a person who works a lot. Since I was little, my dad always said, “We have to work harder than everybody else.” There’s not many days off. I do this for myself.”

“At Hamburg, I played my first match in the Bundesliga with the number 19. I had my first season over there. I played 5 matches in my first season. I was 19 back then. I didn’t like the number 19 that much. Later, I went to 2. Bundesliga for a year. I wanted the number 10 over there but 18 was available and I wore that. Then I returned to Hamburg and always wore the number 18. I wore 8 last year. I like 8 and 18. There needs to be an 8 in the number.”‘

“My idol has been Zinedine Zidane since I was a little kid. Unfortunately he retired. I also like Andres Iniesta. I watch him a lot and whenever possible, I try to play like him.”

“Mario might return. Mario Gomez is a big player, he contributed a lot last season. Our president brings in good strikers every year.”

“Hopefully we’ll experience sunny days in the new season. You guys know yourselves, you guys are unbelievable fans and playing in front of such fans makes me proud. I love you all.”


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