Metin Albayrak on Gómez, Sosa and Vida

Updated: August 3, 2016

Beşiktaş official Metin Albayrak has made some statements about players that are on the agenda of the club. Here is what he had to say about Mario Gómez, José Sosa and Domagoj Vida:

“Vida’s transfer fee is around € 10 million”

“Vida is an amazing player and he really wants to come to us. He even didn’t bring his wife to Kiev, but Dinamo Kiev is not planning on letting him go. His transfer fee is around € 10 million anyway so it is impossible for us to buy him with this conditions. Our budget and the transfer fee we are willing to pay are clear.”

“Gomez is looking difficult for us”

“Because Gómez still hasn’t agreed with a team our fans still have hope of course. We are following the developments around him too. We know he is seriously negotiating with Barcelona and Dortmund. Things about West Ham were written too, but I have spoken to Slaven Bilić this morning and he told me they have nothing to do with Gómez. Gómez is looking difficult for us at this point to be honest.”

“Sosa is going to play in this team”

“Nothing has changed with Sosa’s situation. He was at holiday because the team was too. He came today and started training with the U21 team. We have not received an offer from Milan. He has received his fines for not training in Istanbul and Austria. The last thing I want to say about Sosa: he is going come out and play in this team.”

Source: DHA



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