What can Beşiktaş expect to earn from the Champions League?

Updated: August 4, 2016

It’s no secret that participating in the UEFA Champions League is a very lucrative endeavor, but with the elimination of Fenerbahçe from the qualifiers at the hands of AS Monaco yesterday, Beşiktaş are set to make significantly more money from the television rights market pool.

As the market pool was set to be divided among two teams. Naturally with Fenerbahçe’s elimination from the tournament at the qualifying stages, Beşiktaş are now set to receive the full 100% of the market pool.

How much the exact number of earnings will be from the television market pool is not known at this point and will be communicated directly to the club at a later date as per UEFA. However, what we do know is that Galatasaray received roughly 19 million euros last season, on top of the 12 million euros in guaranteed participation fees and the 500.000 euros they earned in performance fees (one draw), adding up to a total of 31,5 million euros.

The way the market pool is divided is as follows, each country’s allocated market pool is divided in two halves. The first half is divided 65/35 with the largest chunk going to the reigning champions. The second part is based on the amount of matches played in the Champions League. Given that Beşiktaş are the only Turkish club qualified for the Champions League, this doesn’t really matter though and they will get the full pot.

Unfortunately the market pool fluctuates based on several factors, including which countries have representatives in the tournament, so we can’t – at this time – say with certainty how much Beşiktaş will earn as a minimum.

But going on last season’s earnings and Fenerbahçe’s elimination, It would be relatively safe to say that Beşiktaş are standing to make atleast 31 million euros. Had Fenerbahçe qualified for the group stages, this number would have significantly shrunk to roughly 22 million euros + performance related income.

Furthermore Beşiktaş (and any other team participating in the group stages) are set to earn 1,5 million euros per victory and 500.000 euros per draw. Meaning the group stages hold an additional maximum 9 million euros in potential earnings. Basically each point you earn during the group stages of the Champions League means an extra 500.000 euros in income as well as qualifying for the next round brings in an extra 5,5 million euros. If Beşiktaş would match their best performance to date in the Champions League (7 points during the 2003/4 campaign) they would stand to earn an additional 3,5 million euros.


Source for financial details: İsmail Şayan


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