Official statement concerning Samuel Eto’o

Updated: August 10, 2016

Beşiktaş stated that Fikret Orman’s comments regarding Samuel Eto’o were blown out of proportion by Antalyaspor.

In the official statement, Beşiktaş reminded that president, Fikret Orman, told the media that the ethics committees have been followed in the press conference he organized. Beşiktaş continued, “In the statements our president made to clear up the topic, he especially emphasized that Beşiktaş won’t forget their morals for any player.”

It was indicated that Eto’o told them that he wanted to come to Beşiktaş due to Antalya’s economic situation. Here’s what was said:

“Upon Eto’o forwarding to Beşiktaş that he wants to come to Beşiktaş due to Antalyaspor’s economic situation, via agents, the topic was evaluated in the board and after the internal evaluation, the consensus was that as long as a player with this situation has an official tie with his club, we won’t talk with the club, but if the player’s tie with his club breaks officially, then we will evaluate the topic again. This was the decision and no contacts with the player was made whatsoever during this process.”

“While this internal evaluation wasn’t done with the player in any way, shape or form, our president explained the process in the press conference with the goal of clearing up the situation. Later on, it was explained why the club didn’t want to contact Antalyaspor as the president gave the example, “As soon as we decide to start talks with Antalyaspor, they’re going to want at least two of our players.” We ask that the public disregard these comments that were blown out of proportion.”

Source: NTV Spor

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