Şenol Güneş and Quaresma Pre-match Press Conference

Updated: September 13, 2016

Beşiktaş coach Şenol Güneş and star player Ricardo Quaresma held a press conference ahead of the Champions League opener against Benfica.

Şenol Güneş: “We will put our best game  forward within the framework of fairplay”

“We will play our first game in the Champions League tomorrow. Our competitor Benfica is a team with UEFA Europa League and Champions League experience. We will play against a team that has played many games in terms of experience. They’re an established club that has a reputation in Europe and they came up to the quarter -inals of the Champions League last year, eliminated by Bayern Münich. They have talented players. We are a good team as well. We have players with good quality. We will put our best game forward within the framework of fairplay. Football philosophies in both teams are alike and I wish for a good game. We will get help from Talisca on the field, we got a good player. We will play our first game in the Champions League, an arena that does not forgive mistakes. We will play against a team that plays well at home. We have to play well on both sides of the pitch. Talisca is a talented player, he will add a lot to us. He is just getting to know the players. The opponent has good players too. I think they are less informed on us. We want to get a good result with good football. I congratulate Portugal on becoming European Champion. Great players come out from Portugal. They have a real football culture. We will play against one of the three big teams. It is important to meet competitors at this level. We added Vincent Aboubakar on the last days of the transfer window. He is a very strong player and he fits in well to the team. New players need time. We will decide tomorrow who will play. We have a squad of 22 quality players and all players will show themselves on the pitch. I don’t have a clear idea about who will play tomorrow. We want to use players in the best way possible.”

Ricardo Quaresma: “We came here to win”

“With the directives of my coach, I will play to win. We came here to win. The fans love me and I have big responsibilities. Benfica has great and successful players. They made some changes in the team. They will play with different players but whoever plays we will do our best. It is an important match tomorrow and Benfica is a good team. We should not underestimate them, they have experience in Champions League. We are ready. We want to return from Lisbon with a victory. We prepared well as a team for the Champions League. There is no advantage or disadvantage. My only thoughts are for the game to go well tomorrow. We came here to fight, we want to fulfill our goals and win the game.”


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