Beşiktaş investigating Mario Gómez transfer

Updated: September 18, 2016

The Beşiktaş board are still going after their share of Mario Gómez’s transfer from Fiorentina to Wolfsburg. Beşiktaş are determined to not let this case go.

Beşiktaş have filed a request with the German Ministry of Finance to learn the details of Mario Gómez’s transfer. After this appeal, Beşiktaş found out that Fiorentina received 9 million euros as for the German International..

With the instruction of Beşiktaş President Fikret Orman, Beşiktaş executives worked on this case vigorously and the result was shocking. As the Beşiktaş Board had a close relationship with Fiorentina, executives had a detailed research.

Despite Fiorentina claiming that Gómez’s fee was 1.5 million euros, of which Beşiktaş would get 750.000 euros in this case, the Beşiktaş board did not buy into the Italian’s facade since day one. During the next board meeting, this case will be brought forward again. As Beşiktaş does not want to lose their part of Mario Gómez’s fee, the board will plan another strategy after contacts with their lawyers.

Beşiktaş will do whatever it takes to get what they have coming to them, 50% of Mario Gómez’s transfer fee as wat contractually agreed. If the transfer fee was really 9 million euros the Black Eagles are entitled to 4,5 million of that fee.


Source: Serdar Sarıdağ | Milliyet/Skorer