Gökhan Gönül adresses his injuries and Galatasaray Derby

Updated: September 18, 2016

After the match against Akhisar, Gökhan Gönül talked about his injury and the upcoming Galatasaray derby.

“The derby is up next”

“For all teams, the first 3-4 weeks are difficult. To control the match tempo is not easy. We had a good 3-4 weeks. I think we won for the first time in Akhisar away. It’s always been hard to play here for Beşiktaş. The weather was not good. The pitch was not suitable for football as well. Despite all this, we won. I congrutulate all my teammates. We only lost 2 points in one game. We have the derby match up next. We will play to win, just like all matches.”

“My ankle has swollen”

“I had a knock at the beginning of the game. My ankle was swollen, so I took my boots off in the half time.”

“I’ve had an injury”

“I have said this before. I had an injury and slowly I’m getting over it, it was not easy for me. I was at the trainings but I was not ready. I know myself. I know what I can contribute to the team when I am not injured. If my coach gives me a chance, I know I will be %100 ready. The decision is up to the coach, I respect his decisions.”

“I hope it will be fun”

“It doesn’t matter who plays, what commentators say, predictions do not happen in the derbies. So I can’t say much. I hope it will be a fun game.”

Source: Haber 1903