Beşiktaş – Dynamo Kyiv pre-match press conference

Updated: September 27, 2016

Ahead of tomorow’s UEFA Champions League Group B clash with Dynamo Kyiv, Beşiktaş coach Şenol Güneş and German defender Andreas Beck attended the pre-match press conference.

“It’s an honour”

Beşiktaş right-back Andreas Beck: “It’s a big honour. We worked hard last year and tomorrow we will play a historical match. We will play our first Champions League home game after a long time. We will do our best to win tomorrow.”

“We have to win this”

“Home games we want to win especially. Actually, we could have won in Lisbon. We have some advantages in home games. I believe there will be a good atmosphere. We have to win games like this in order to qualify to the next round.”

“It’s impossible to play every match at this tempo”

“We are playing some of Turkey’s finest football. I do my best to train very hard every day but I respect my coach’s decision. It is impossible for me to play every match at this tempo. I accept that.”

“We became Chammions so that we could be here”

Beşiktaş coach Şenol Güneş continued the press conference after Andreas Beck had answered the questions of the press: “Tomorrow we are going to play our second match. Our first match ended in a 1-1 draw. I want us to get a win tomorrow. Our opponent is a strong side. They defend very well as a collective unit and they’re dangerous on counter attacks, they fight for eachother on the pitch. They also have quality players, many of which play for their respective national teams.. They’re not an ordinary side. On the contrary, they are a formidable opponent.” Şenol Güneş continues, “We’ll have to cover even more ground in this match. There were only a few possessions during their match with Napoli, but there were a lot of goals. Despite going up 1-0 they conceeded 2 goals. They gave away chances at the back. Those few opportunities should be seized by us if we want to come away with a victory here. Every match is important. Sometimes it is important to win at home, sometimes it is important to win at an away game. Eventually we want to qualify to the next round or worst case scenario qualify for the Europa League. We won the league title to play here. We want to play attractive but mature football. If we can be calm and patient we can do this.”

“Oğuzhan  is an important player for us”

Güneş also adressed Oğuzhan Özyakup’s injury situation: “Oğuzhan is an important player for us. So far this season he has not had the consistency he wanted. Oğuzhan became successfull in this team because he was good at both the defensive and attacking perspective of the game. He got injured during our match with Benfica, so we substituted him off. Despite recovering from his injury he has not yet been able to produce the quality we have come to expect of him. This has nothing to do with the position he was played in during the last match. Every player has periods like this. I will decide whether or not he’ll be part of our squad tomorow following tonight’s injury, but he’s still suffering from some minor pains so he probably won’t play tomorow.”

“Beck and Gökhan aren’t bad players”

Güneş also adressed the amount of squad depth he has in his team: “We have 22 players in our Champions League squad. I’ve never used the word “rotation”, we are deciding the line-up based on the latest development and performances in training. There aren’t many changes. We have different plans in mind and they may or may not be used on the pitch. This is a process. Beck and Gökhan aren’t bad players. If you can not get the desired performance from one, you may play the other. We are deciding the line-up considering the final developments. Back to back matches may wear out the player. We are worse or better as a team. Of course perception of the public opinion may be different. Our best 11 is the 11 that is on the pitch.”

“There are no fitness isuses except for Oğuzhan”

Güneş continued to say that Gökhan Inler also had some minor pains but it wasn’t anything of significance: “I’m not thinking about rotation right now. I look at my players and then I decide. I can’t say that this player is going to play tomorrow. There is no problem in terms of fitness except for Oğuzhan. Inler has had some mild pains but it’s nothing significant. We are lining up our defence depending on our opponent’s forwards. We want to close them down as they go forward with the ball well. We are used to it from the league. We will play our own game against this.”

“I am expecting support if the situation turns unfavourable”

Güneş also said that fans still need time to adapt to the Vodafone Arena: “Fans supported us every match. A change of fan profile is natural. Buying the ticket and coming to the match is a form of support in itself. We don’t have any negative thoughts about our fans. There are some factors that cause games to slow down. That’s not right. When we conceeded the goal fans were lost in the game. I am expecting their support if the match situation would turn unfavourable.”

“Talisca still needs time to adapt”

Şenol Güneş also noted that Anderson Talisca has key talents: “Talisca needs time to adapt. He has skills but his tempo during the game is also important. Aboubakar’s physical strength is good but we haven’t been able to play him for 90 minutes. We are trying to make the line-up based on our players. Sometimes a player saves the game in the 5th minute of stoppage time. This may not show that he is bad player. If everyone plays well for 90 minutes I would not sub any player. I wish it were like that.”ucl-senol-gunes

“My only goal is to qualify from this group”

Şenol Güneş noted that Beşiktaş’s first goal was to finish the group among the first two: “My only goal is to qualify to the next round. It should also be the club’s goal. I want to win every match. I don’t have any other philosophy. You also see it. We lost 2 points in our last match and that was beneath us. We are a big team so we want to win every game. This is the right thing for me. We want to win every match, including tomorrow’s match. Every team in the group is good. Kyiv were down to 10 man but they competed with Napoli.”

“Rhodolfo is ready”

Şenol Güneş said that substitutions in our out don’t mean that players performed badly: “Rhodolfo is ready. Actually I was thinking to play him. Then I started with Marcelo and Tosic. Gökhan will be better. Someday Atınç may play as centre back. Sometimes there is a time that 2-3 players are not available and you may need other players. Some players are not subbed because they performed bad.”

“Last season’s Europa League experience…”

Güneş stated that Beşiktaş will concentrate on their matches: “In the past we got an amount of points that should have gotten us qualified, but it didn’t. Last year we were the leaders but we didn’t qualify in the last match. 6-7-8 points are just an example. Sometimes you may not qualify with 9 points, Napoli have 3 already, the table may change with tomorrow’s matches. We don’t know what will happen. We will concentrante on our game.”

“We didn’t play well during the first half against Galatasaray”

Güneş adressed this weekend’s derby performance and said that Beşiktaş didn’t play well during the first half: “We had some strong negative comments in the beginning of last year. The way we played during that time is not better than our current form. Results cause different ideas. If we had won the Galatasaray game there would be different comments. We should realise our shortcomings. The goals we conceeded against Galatasaray were our own mistakes. In the first half nobody faced players with the ball but in the second half two players went after the ball. This is the difference. If you don’t defend and attack well, everything will be for nothing.”

“I don’t need to take credit”

Şenol Güneş ended his portion of the press conference by saying that when Oğuzhan is fit he can play anywhere with success: “Oğuzhan is a very talented player but he should still strive to continue to improve. When he is ready, he can be efficient anywhere he plays. Until now Oğuzhan did everything he has accomplished all by himself. I just want them to be successfull. I don’t need compliments or credit for myself. I only want Oğuzhan to perform well, nothing more.”


Source: Haber1903