STSL: Beşiktaş: 2 Trabzonspor: 1

Updated: November 5, 2016

The Black Eagles have once again extended their unbeaten run this season with a thrilling 2-1 victory over Trabzonspor at Vodafone Arena, thanks to goals from Luiz Rhodolfo and Cenk Tosun.

Beşiktaş made their intentions clear early on when Vincent Aboubakar forced Onur Kivrak to his first of the game after just 5 minutes, the following corner immediately resulted in the opening goal as Quaresma swung it in to the near post where Atiba Hutchinson extended it with his head towards the second post where Luiz Rhodolfo was left unmarked: 1-0 after just 7 minutes.

The Black Eagles kept up the pressure and came close to scoring again on a set-piece just 4 minutes later as Marcelo’s head met a Quaresma free-kick, but the Brazilian headed the chance wide. Immediately at the other end Mehmet Ekici put Fabri to test with a shot from outside the box but the Beşiktaş number one held on to Ekici’s shot comfortably. Just a minute later there was Trabzonspor again after a dangerous loss of possession from Gökhan Gönül in midfield: Mehmet Ekici played it to the left wing towards Yusuf Erdogan who crossed it in to the area, the ball was cleared out of the box but Onazi recovered and had a try on goal from the edge of the area, his shot went wide.

At the other end in the 16th minute Ricardo Quaresma won a penalty for the Black Eagles after he was wrongfully shuved down in the area after dribbling two defenders, Cenk Tosun claimed the spotkick and converted it with ease: 2-0 after just 17 minutes.

Trabzonspor had already shifted to a more offensive approach after the opening goal and now being two goals down had to take even more risks. Halfway through the first half Ugur Demirok got on the end of a Mehmet Ekici free-kick, but his header went wide. An excellent chance for the visitors to pull one back.

Just a minute later another dangerous loss of possession in midfield as Yusuf Erdogan stole the ball from Tolgay, the winger ran down the right flank and cut inside to hav ea shot on goal but his attempt went wide.

After 32 minutes the Black Eagles had their first big chance to extend their lead to 3 goals but Mustafa Akbas did briliantly to prevent Aboubakar from tapping in at the near post with a last grasp challenge.


Beşiktaş have won their first ever confrontation with Trabzonspor at Vodafone Arena. Last season they lost in their home match at the Atatürk Olimpiyat: 1-2.

The high tempo persisted and again just a few minutes later Matus Bero slipped through the Beşiktaş defence but a quick rush off his line from Fabri prevented the youngster to get in on goal.

Five minutes from the break Vincent Aboubakar was set through on goal after a poor clearnace from Jan durica, the Cameroon International came eye in eye with Onur Kivrak but blasted the chance wide, this should have been the 3-0 to seal the game.

And as it so often goes in football straight at the other end the visitors capitalized on Aboubakar’s misser as Matus Bero sent Yusuf Erdogan through on goal who did well to hold off his man and beat Fabri with a low crossed foot shot: 2-1 after 41 minutes.

Beşiktaş won two more dangerous free-kicks towards the end of the first half but could not bag another so we went in to the halftime break with just one goal sepperating the two teams: 2-1 at halftime.

Trabzonspor started the second half off well with a lot of pressure on the ball and continued to keep the tempo high, Fabri was forced to make a good save on an attempt from Dame N’Doye but all in all the visitors did not create any major chances for the opening 15 minutes of the second half.

Tolgay Arslan sent Vincent Aboubakar in on goal again after 57 minutes but this time he found Onur Kivrak in his way who put the Cameroonian’s attempt out in to corner.

After 62 minutes Ricardo Quaresma was shown a yellow card after accidentally fouling Yusuf Erdogan, Quaresma was controlling the ball but Yusuf came running in at full speed which led to Quaresma putting his foot on Yusuf’s foot. A severe enough injury it would seem as the Trabzonspor winger could not continue and had to be substituted off. Quaresma perhaps got lucky with a yellow card although there was clearly no malevolent intent on his behalf.

Beşiktaş could have sealed the victory in the 67th minute following yet another Ricardo Quaresma corner swung in to the near post, Atiba once again got on the end of the corner and headed it through toward the second post where Vincent Aboubakar was waiting, but Aboubakar’s shot went wide. Another sitter missed by the 24-year old, this one really should have gone in.

After 77 minutes Şenol Güneş decided to take out Vincent Aboubakar in favour of Ömer which saw Cenk Tosun move up top instead of Aboubakar. This change certainly left it’s mark on the remainder of the game as Beşiktaş found it a lot more difficult to win and hold on to the ball up top without their targetman Aboubakar. Despite his missed chances, Aboubakar played a very useful game by winning a lot of balls and keeping possession up front. Cenk was much less effective at this task and this led to more possession for the visitors.

In the final ten minutes of the game there was a lot of powerplay from Trabzonspor who also put on another striker toward the end of the game, they tried to find a late equalizer with long balls and by pumping the ball toward the penalty area but Fabri proved once again why he is the new number one, despite not being the tallest of goalkeepers he was dominant in the air and held on to every ball he plucked from opposition crosses. While it was still nail biting to lead by just one goal toward the end of the game, Fabri made sure that there were no heart attacks at Vodafone Arena tonight.

Beşiktaş come away with 3 points and create a gap with the numbers 3 and 4 in the standings, Galatasaray and Bursaspor, who are now on 20 points. Beşiktaş is in second with 24 points while Istanbul Başakşehir, the only other unbeaten side remaining in the Süper Lig, are in first with 26 points. They’ll go in to the international break and get some much deserved time to heal up and rest with a good feeling after bagging their 7th win in 10 league games.

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Interesting facts:

  • Atiba Hutchinson has created four chances against Trabzonspor; the highest number for him in Super Lig since 2014/15.
  • Luiz Rhodolfo has scored in his first Süper Lig start since getting injured during the 2015/16 season.
  • Atiba Hutchinson has given his frist assist since November 8th 2015 vs Bursaspor (0-1).
  • Beşiktaş have gathered 24 points after 10 Süper Lig matches, exactly as many as they did during the first 10 matches of the 2015/16 season.

Stadium: Vodafone Arena

Official: Mete Kalkavan

Beşiktaş XI: Fabricio Ramirez; Gökhan Gönül – Luiz Rhodolfo – Marcelo Guedes – Adriano Correia; Atiba Hutchinson – Oğuzhan Özyakup (90′ Andreas Beck) – Tolgay Arslan (67′ Gökhan İnler); Ricardo Quaresma – Vincent Aboubakar (77′ Ömer Şişmanoğlu) – Cenk Tosun

Reserves: Tolga Zengin, Andreas Beck, Atınç Nukan, Kerim Frei, Olcay Şahan, Gökhan İnler, Ömer Şişmanoğlu

Head coach: Şenol Güneş

Trabzonspor XI: Onur Kivrak; Zeki Yavru – Jan Durica – Uğur Demirok – Mustafa Akbaş; Okay Yokuşlu – Mehmet Ekici – Ogenyi Onazi (80′ Luis Ibanez); Matus Bero (89′ Hyun-Jun Suk) – Yusuf Erdoğan (65′ Aytaç Kara) – Dame N’Doye

Reserves: Esteban Alvarado, Serge Akakpo, Mustafa Yumlu, Luis Ibanez, Aytaç Kara, Hyun-Jun Suk, Muhammet Demir

Head coach: Ersun Yanal

Goals: Luiz Rhodolfo (7′), Cenk Tosun (17′ pen), Yusuf Erdoğan (41′)

Yellow cards: Oğuzhan Özyakup (43′), Uğur Demirok (45+1′), Zeki Yavru (45+3′), Ricardo Quaresma (62′), Onur Kivrak (66′),

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