Frei on his way to Başakşehir?

Updated: November 11, 2016

Kerim Frei moved to Istanbul in 2013 with the club’s great hopes. However, until this day, he has not been able to show the potential that people thought he had. Now, the board is thinking about loaning him.

The 22-year old Turkish winger is still seen as an important project by the club, hence why the board is planning on loaning the player in the next transfer window. The board will discuss this matter with Güneş and Frei’s family, if the meetings go well, a club will be searched for Kerim where he can make many minutes.

Rumours go around that Başakşehir head coach Abdullah Avci is keen on bringing Kerim Frei in. Moreover, the board is keen to loan Frei to a club with high standards, hence why Başakşehir is seen as a serious option. Some Premier League teams are interested in Frei as well, however Beşiktaş is keen on loaning him out to a Turkish side.

Beşiktaş wants to loan the winger with a clause saying that he should make a certain amount of minutes. If not, a payment has to be made.

Kerim Frei has played 99 games for the club in 4 years and scored 9 goals.

Source: Milliyet

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