Press conference Güneş and Atiba ahead of Kiev game

Updated: December 6, 2016

Beşiktaş vice-captain Atiba Hutchinson and manager Senol Güneş held a press conference ahead of the historical game against Dynamo Kiev this evening. The press conference took place one day before the game.

“Our goal is to go through to the next round.”

Beşiktaş head coach Güneş said the following in the press conference:

Every team considers every Champions League game equally important. However, at the current circumstances, we can count this game as more important than any other. We have the chance to go through to the next round. Our opponent on the other hand, does not. Winning this game is not only going to make us happy, but all teams in Turkey too. Nevertheless, it is a very important game for me personally and for the club too. Our goal is to go through to the next round. Champions play in the Champions League to reach their goals. Our goal is to go through, but it won’t be easy. We will face a tough opponent. Dynamo Kiev is a great team. It means nothing that they are currently last in the group and are second in the league. They lost their 3rd and 4th game, which put them in this situation. Whilst they lost twice against Benfica, we got 4 points from Napoli. That gave us a huge advantage. They are an opponent against which we drew at home. They are playing collectively and run a lot. It will be a tough game for both teams, but I expect us to be fighting harder for the win, because of the current circumstances. Both teams have got amazing players and it will be their game. I am hoping for a good result that will make all Turks happy.”

“We can make history tomorrow.”

Vice-captain Atiba Hutchinson said these words:

“I am looking forward to tomorrow’s game. It will be a very important game for the club. If appropriate, we can make history tomorrow. After last league game, we have done our homework and have completed our final preparations. Dynamo Kiev is a team we know well. They are experienced and hard to beat. But we will give our all tomorrow. I am honestly impatient for tomorrow. Tonight we will have a training at the stadium and see the field. Moreover, we will see the conditions of the pitch. After training we will go back to our hotels and tomorrow we will continue analyzing our opponents. We will do everything we can to be ready by tomorrow. Hopefully it will be a wonderful night tomorrow for us and those who are supporting us.”


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