Beer Sheva – Beşiktaş post match reactions

Updated: February 17, 2017


“We’re returning with a good result.”

“We started the match off well and found the goal we were looking for, but then conceded an easy goal seconds later. We found two more goals in the second half and we’re leaving here with an advantage. We’re happy. I congratulate all of my teammates. I played my last match a while back. However, my job is to always stay ready, practice well, and do a good job when my coach gives me a task. He told me I was going to play before. I got ready accordingly. Our priority is to advance from this round. We have the league ahead of us right now and we’re going to concentrate on that.


“We’re aiming for big things in Europe.”

“I said yesterday that the match was going to be tough and it was. I also stated that the team was ready. I really want to congratulate my teammates. Everybody played their best tonight, gave their all, and we won 3-1. I get along with Quaresma. He tells me to run to the near post whenever he gets the ball and that’s what happened in the first goal. The ball skimmed my leg and felt like it touched me, but it hit the defender last. I was very happy when it became a goal. What’s important was making the run. The goal I scored in the second half was also very nice. With the goal Atiba scored in the last minute, we relaxed and now we’re returning with a big advantage. Our dream is to go as far as we can in the Europa League. Hopefully we’ll succeed. We’re going to do our best in order to do so. However, we’re looking at it match by match. Now, we’re going to think about our league match against Akhisar and then the 2nd leg against Beer-Sheva. If we advance, then we’re going to concentrate on our next opponent.”


“We worked well as a team.”

“We knew that the opponent played well at their home. We had some tough times during the match, but we overcame them. Now, we’re going to continue working and get ready for the 2nd leg. We need to finish off the 2nd match if we want to advance. Then, we want to look at it match by match and go as far as we can in the tournament.”

Şenol Güneş

“We reflected our game well onto the pitch.”

“The match went well for us. We played well and got a good result. This is only the 2nd time our opponent has lost at home in Europe this season. They lost to Sparta Prague here before. They have good fans and they play off their energy well. We had some problems with our ball control, but despite that, the players spread out well and passed it well. We lost the ball from time to time, but we were stubborn and believed. We found chances, gave some away. In the end, we finished off a tough match with a 3-1 win. It’s a big advantage. Every away goal scored is important as you could go behind 1-0 at home. There’s no room for mistakes in football. If you make mistakes, you’ll lose. In that regard, a 2-1 result could’ve been risky. It’s important to win and score. We tried to defend well with balance. We defended as a team. The players had good intentions. A positive for the opponent was that they could change systems.”


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