Beşiktaş – Beer Sheva pre-match press conference

Updated: February 23, 2017


“We have an advantage, but nothing is over.”

“We need to play with the same discipline this match and advance with our fans. First of all, I got injured in the Bursaspor match. After that, I didn’t get a chance to play for quite a while. However, I always try to keep myself ready in practice. I got a chance in the first leg and whenever I get a chance, I try to make the most of it. We came back with a good result. We’re going to play with the same discipline. We’re looking at these matches one by one. Beşiktaş is a big club. We’re always aiming for cups.”

Şenol Güneş

“We need to be very careful.”

“The first half of the tie is over. No matter what the results are, we need to win. We need to advance. Whether it’s a friendly or an official match, we want to win all of them. That being said, when you look at this match, if we win, we advance and it’s important for country coefficients. Hopefully all three of our teams will advance. It’ll be a big accomplishment for Turkey. As you saw last week, our opponent is good technically, they play team defense, and have fast players. With our performance over there, we partially effected their game and got a good result. However, if we make any little mistake here, they’ll punish us because their players up front and in the midfield are mobile, technical, and effective. If we can press well and keep the control, we’ll have an advantage. If the slack in the public also reflects on us, it’ll be bad for us. That’s why I keep on trying to talk with my players about the same thing. We’re not trying to scare them, we’re trying to make sure they’re careful. That’s the game football is, it’s full of mistakes. It’s not a joke. Hopefully we’ll play well and get a good result.”


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