Olympiakos – Beşiktaş pre-match press conference

Updated: March 9, 2017

Wednesday evening the pre-match press conference of the game between Olympiakos and Besiktas was held. Head coach Şenol Güneş and winger Ryan Babel had this to say:

“I don’t want to talk about the referee”

Şenol Güneş: “Despite not being in the squad, Ersan is with us. He is not going to play, but he is one of our captains and is therefore with us. Caner is in a better situation than Ersan. The squad is not known yet. Tomorrow some players might be on the bench, but the important thing is for us to win and to go through. I don’t want to waste our motivation and energy with talking about the referee. I want the game to be just for both us and Olympiakos. In other Champions League games mistakes were made as well, but the game against Dynamo Kiev hit the fan.”

“You need to climb one tread at a time”

“Games played in the past will not affect tomorrow’s game. We didn’t play against them so far. The important thing is how they will play against us and how we will play against them. We need to play well and compact to win. We are going to take measures against their important players and we might win by scoring a goal. To get at the top, you need to climb one tread of the stairs at a time. Our first goal is tomorrow’s game. Then there is a second leg and then we will see. I’m thinking about the future, but you need to be in the present as well.”

“Fortounis was on our agenda last year”

“Our goal is still the same: becoming champions in the league and winning tomorrow’s game. Our relation with Olympiakos is good. Their fans are like those in Turkey. Olympiakos has very good players. Konstantinos Fortounis was on our agenda last year. Football without fans isn’t right, I’ve said this before. Fans shouldn’t be hooligans, but they should be able to come to matches.”

“We want to return with a good score”

Ryan Babel: “This is a great game. We are in the last 16 of the Europa League. We want to return to Istanbul with a good score. We have a good and wide squad. Our players can play in different positions. I can say that we have developed since the day I came here. We are in a good position in the league and could show the same concentration in the Europa League. Every players wants to play in the Europa League and so do I. This is very exciting.”

Source: Haber1903

Yusuf Paklaci

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