Post-match reactions after the win against Olympiakos

Updated: March 17, 2017

After Beşiktaş’s 4-1 win against Olympiakos in the return of a 1-1 draw in Greece, the players and coach were happy. After the match, the reactions were of course positive.

Senol Güneş:

“It was quite a random game. We were playing well and were leading 2-0, but then conceded a very silly goal and a red card. Consequently, we gave away the control to our opponent. However, we stayed up with the trust we have in each other and our amazing fans. We were more composed in the second half. Moreover, we expected our opponent to get tired. This is a good result for us. We played for Turkey and we did them proud. It is amazing to be able to contribute to the European coefficients of Turkey. Last but not least, I want to congratulate my players for their hard work.”

Fabricio Ramirez:

“I want to congratulate everyone who gave their everything today. They were amazing. I want to give this win to our fans. It was hard to play with ten men and the score needed to be defended. In order to realize this, my friends gave their all. However, all of this would not be possible, without the amazing support from our fans.”

Necip Uysal:

“It was a great game from my perspective. Moreover, it was important that we won today. I would like to thank our fans, because they supported us in an incredible way. We have to think about our game against Antalya now.

Ryan Babel:

“We are very happy. Our task was very difficult after the red card. However, we promised ourselves in the dressing room that we needed to be stronger. We took our chances and won. The most important thing for me is to contribute to the team. Moreover, it is a more important thing that we scored two goals against an opponent with more men than us.”


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