Şenol Güneş press conference

Updated: April 2, 2017

Beşiktaş head coach Şenol Güneş adressed the assembled press several days ago during a press conference, he answered various questions from the media concerning the remainder of the season. Here is a translation of what he had to say.

“We have nine league games left, five of which are at home and four away. We will also have two UEFA games. We want to play well in both games and advance to the next round. We know the opponent is a strong team. Passing this round will increase our confidence, but I don’t think it will decrease our confidence if we don’t advance. It seems like they have the squad advantage. I would have wanted to face them later in the tournament. Their team is faster than that of Manchester United. The game against Gençlerbirligi is going to be difficult. They run a lot and defend well. They don’t concede easily.”

“We don’t want negative chants about our players. This happened with Olcay before and now it’s happening with Tolga. I don’t think this is right. Olcay and Tolga have had great contributions, both on and off the pitch. I was disappointed when Olcay left. I want him to be successful at Trabzonspor. He was successful here and he will be there. Him leaving us is a loss. Captain Tolga is still continuing to contribute. We conceded because of his mistake, he knows that too. But excluding him will upset the team. I trust in my players.”

“In both friendly games we gave players with a lack of match practice playing time. Demba Ba couldn’t play in the first game because of his waist. Both Caner and Demba Ba are working hard and it is going well. They aren’t on the level they were before, but are a lot better concerning their injury. Caner is very eager. It depends on his performance when he will play. Demba Ba is more balanced in that sense. He doesn’t have a problem currently. We might play him when we need him. If Caner is ready until the Lyon game, we might think about him. Veli and Aboubakar are our only absentees against Gençlerbirligi. Veli’s situation is bad. His pain increases constantly. I played him in 1 or 2 matches last and he immediately was in pain again.”

“Aboubakar spoke to me after the match against Antalyaspor. I didn’t inform the board about his possible transfer yet. Aboubakar is a hard working and eager player. If I was the referee of the Antalyaspor match, I would not have given him a (second) yellow card. I don’t think it’s right to judge him on that, but in the other game he was wrong of course and he should be fined. I think he is a good player and believe he will become even better.”

“I currently don’t have a player on my agenda. Emre Mor is a talented and good player. We met up with him before his transfer to Dortmund, but now he is not on my agenda. Our president made a statement about him as well. We want to finish this race with the players we have now. Every team is extra motivated against the leader. Basaksehir has no pressure, but a second place is unacceptable for us. Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe will be playing for the other places.”

“It isn’t possible to play like last season. The players and system have changed. Last season the squad fit, now we have 7 midfielders. Oguzhan played in every game last season, this season he was injured. Talisca is still adapting to the midfield system. Atiba is the only one playing consistently. Inler’s playing style isn’t fitting yet. Olcay left and Babel came. The change in players, system and playing in the Champions League can change a everything. I can’t say we have are completely playing in the style I want. Cenk and Oguzhan should work more. They have a bright future.”


Source: bjk.com.tr



Yusuf Paklaci

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