Next season’s jerseys release date revealed

Updated: April 18, 2017

Beşiktaş have worked vigorously over the past 5 years to increase their merchandising sales and to continue to professionalize the merchandising department, boardmember responsible for Kartal Yuvasi Hüseyin Mican adresses some of their accomplishments thusfar and their plans for the future.

“Our sales have multiplied by 6”

“We now have 85 Kartal Yuvasi stores and we start with our Europe operation next month. We are going to start opening internet stores and in 6 months continue to firstly open stores in Germany. We had a goal of 90 to 100 stores and I believe we will reach these numbers in May. Our sales in Euro’s have multiplied by 6, from 11 million to 65 million Euro. Our goal is to reach 90 to 100 million Euro in May. Despite the economic situation of our country since last year May we are slowly reaching our goal.”

“Our jersey sales have increased from 55.000 to 400.000”

“While our goal in terms of economic support was to be able to pay the salary of a star player in the last seasons, this season it is to pay his transfer fee. When our president got in charge we had jersey sales of 55.000 per season. We have currently reached 400.000. Our goal is to increase that number even more and to start selling internationally as well. Our first goal is China.”

“New jersey’s revealed on July 13th”

“Our new jersey’s will be revealed on July 13th. This date is certain. Our goal and intention is to bring out jerseys with the third star on them. Even though we don’t have the guarantee if we look at the league table, we are definitely bringing out our new jerseys on the 13th of July.”

“This season’s jersey will become a classic”

“If we become champions, this season’s jersey is going to become a classic. This is because it will be the last jersey with 2 stars on it. I believe it will become of historical value later on. That’s why we are not planning on putting the third star on this season’s jerseys. Our jerseys will only have two stars on them this season. If we become champions, our three star jerseys will come out on the 13th of July.”

“Free t-shirt and 20% discount”

“We want our fans to watch the game against Lyon in our jersey. It doesn’t matter if you watch it at home or in the stadium. That’s why until the start of the game against Lyon, with every jersey you buy you get a free t-shirt and a 20% discount.”


Source: DHA

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