Jeremain Lens talks about his possible future

Updated: June 7, 2017

Dutch International winger Jeremain Lens was asked about his possible future and where he’d like to continue his career during The Netherland’s training camp by Fox Sports.

Where will you play next season?

“I’m still under contract with Sunderland, as long as nothing happens I’m Sunderland’s player.”

But you want to go to Fenerbahçe?

“Yes, I’d really like that. But it has to come from both sides, And we’re going to have to see if that’s the case that it’s mutual.”

Has there been any progress on that front?

“Euhm, mildly…”

What do you mean “mildly”?

“We’ve spoken and we both want to continue on together but we have to see if it’s possible.”

I’ve understood that there’s a third guest to the party? Beşiktaş?

“Yes, I’ve heard that too (grins)”

You’re smiling?

“Yes, that is very well possible, we’ll have to wait and see what happens (smiles).”

You’ve heard it, so there’s been contact?

“Well, I never speak with clubs…”

But surely your agent has?

“you’d have to ask him, I know multiple clubs are interested, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.”


Source: Fox Sports NL

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