A first time for Beşiktaş since “Metin-Ali-Feyyaz”!

Updated: June 8, 2017

Having won the title in consecutive seasons now, Beşiktaş have for the first time had a trio of players who have all scored 12 or more goals in the league since the golden ages of Metin, Ali and Feyyaz.

During the Gordon Milne era in the 1989-1990 season Metin Tekin 13, Ali Gültiken 17 and Feyyaz Uçar with 28 goals all scored more than 12 goals.

For the first time in more than 25 years a Beşiktaş trio have managed that same feat again. Cenk Tosun with 20, Anderson Talisca with 13 and Vincent Aboubakar with 12 goals have come close to rivalling the legendary Beşiktaş trio. Will these three go down in history and be just as fondly remembered by the fans in 25+ years? Only time will tell.

Beşiktaş had to make several offensive changes this past Summer with Mario Gómez and José Sosa both departing, but their replacements Anderson Talisca and Vincent Aboubakar made an impact of their own. Shouild Beşiktaş be able to secure the permanent signature of Aboubakar, perhaps they can come even closer next eason?


Source: Haber1903

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