Supporters bank! Revenue: 44.6 Million Dollars

Updated: June 20, 2017

While their rivals play in front of empty seats, the revenue from the supporters has been the biggest portion of Beşiktaş’ budget. 42 Million Dollars income from the live broadcast coming out second and 21 Million Dollars from the sponsorships as third.

Five years ago, President Fikret Orman and his crew have begun their journey to team up with “SAFRIFICE” (FEDA), and now are enjoying the good times. During that period, the club management took their journey with the mission “To compete with Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe, we must increase the tribune incomes to a similar level with theirs” as Orman’s words, now outcompete their rivals. While G.Saray and F.Bahçe played in front of empty seats last season, Beşiktaş fascinated with the revenue they got. While the live broadcast incomes make the most for other clubs, Beşiktaş fans did not let anything or anyone other than them to top the list on the matter. Tribune incomes took the first place in the Black Eagle’s budget with 44.6 Million Dollars.


Beşiktaş’ second biggest income has been the live broadcasts with 42 Million Dollars while the Performance revenues are not included. Black&Whites have also provided an important income with the performances and the win bonuses. The Eagles’ third and one the most important revenue items have been the sponsorships. Management, made a reform on this issue too… Increasing the annual sponsorship incomes to the level of 21 Million Dollars. But the board hopes for even higher values.


President Fikret Orman and his crew did not include the revenues that will come from the Champions League to the budget. While they build up the board budget, they planned on more evaluable values. In exchange for the budget recovery, there are half and half wanes for the player contracts than it was 5 years ago. The Board will maintain the budget discipline and is aiming to make Beşiktaş a team makes some good profit in 10 years.

Source: Akşam