About Us

We at Beşiktaş İnternational are dedicated to bring you the latest official news and rumors on the Beşiktaş JK football brand in the English language.

Following the shutdown of blackeagles.org in 2005 there hadn’t been a consistant and detailed source of information on Beşiktaş JK in the English language for nearly 8 years, as a former member of the Blackeagles.org community Kaan Bayazit started this website and relating social media accounts to provide those who search for it, the information they require, in an international language.

Beşiktaş Jimnastik Kulübü is a massive club with millions of fans across the world, many of which don’t master the Turkish language and as a result are often left without a good source of information. It is our goal to provide these people with said information.

We report on a daily basis on everything varying from live match reports on Twitter to Financial breakdown’s of quarterly and annual stock exchange reports made by the club. We take a deeper look in to the transfer policies and sportive results of the club aswell as behind the scenes activities such as club Presidential elections and other major developments within the club.

It is our goal to provide you with as much quality information as possible and while we do report on rumors aswell (such as transfer rumors) we try to provide our readers with the best quality and therefore filter out unreliable sources.

In addition to reporting on official news and rumors, we also write editorial pieces which reflect the opinions and interpretations of the writer.

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We don’t claim to own any of the pictures used on our website and give full credit to the right holders of said images.

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